Crack Filling & Sealcoating

Crack Filling & Sealcoating


Sealcoating acts as a barrier, sealing asphalt pavement and preventing oxidation and erosion caused by UV damage, water, traffic, chemical spills, rain & snow. When properly applied sealcoating will extend the life span of asphalt pavement and help prevent costly repairs.

Periodically sealcoating your parking lot also helps to uphold an appealing, smooth surface.


 Crack Filling

Cracks are caused by seasonal temperature changes that create cracks and joints in asphalt pavement. These imperfections in the asphalt then expand and contract causing the pavement to move and or deteriorate, allowing water to intrude and penetrate into the base layers.

Sealing these cracks with flexible, rubberized fillers prevents this expansion and contraction of the asphalt by creating a bond with the crack walls and disallowing water intrusion into the pavement.